Question 1.1

I know that this is not a simple artifact (comprised of so many components that create the vehicle).  But using my Honda Pilot is so easy and straight-forward.  It handles well on the road and has ample space for our needs. 

Question 1.2

1.  Light signal round-abouts

2.  Wait time in medical clinics

3.  Tunnel or enclosed bridge connections between buildings in cities with far ranges in temperatures (e.g. extreme cold and extreme heat conditions).

4.  Instant voice memo activation when the thought occurs, but at the least ideal time (e.g. driving the car, putting kids to bed, etc.).

6.  Pacifier locator

7.  Toy sorting system, rotating toys, allowing access to those that haven't been used in awhile.

8.  Audible recipes

9.  Indoor play spaces that feel like they are outdoors



Question 1.3


Question 1.4