a brief update

holding hands.jpg

it's been awhile and an update is due.  so much has happened in this past month...

a first for sophia: ladybug in hand, gliding along, leaving its stinky mark to which you immediately flick that once delightful little bug from your hand.  in copenhagen

playing peek-a-boo behind leafy lush trees near a small stream.  in malmö.

daffodils and sticks in hand, chasing each other's shadows on a path along a small bay.  in reykjavik.

and there was so much exhaustion and pushing, movement and aches, clipped by the slivers of pure amazement and awe.  those tiny threads of amusement and delight, detail and divine, forgiveness and companionship.  woven through the spirit of our family story.  

but  now, i remark on how much you two are together.  in this there is anger and selfishness, fight and furry.  but there are also tender words, understanding and being.  together.  a growth of relationship between one child and another:  the older vs. the younger becomes a new perspective shift of playmate, friend, sister.  

let there be more and let it be deep.  true.