a series: doing simplicity parenting

simplicity parenting.jpg

i'm having a reading rainbow moment and running my mind back to 3rd grade; except now i'm not wearing my favorite scrunchy in my permed hair now are my pants tied rolled at the bottom.  oh, and i'm not an eight year old recommending a picture book.  this is grown-up world and we talk about grown-up books that help us navigate the space of grown-up life.

and so i give you my recommendation:  simplicity parenting: using the extraordinary power of less to raise calmer, happier, and more secure kids.

i was looking into books about homeschooling this summer, and my sister-in-law suggested this book; not because it was about homeschool, but because it would help orientate myself and my family as we took on the new challenge of folding homeschool into the existing pieces that made up our family life. 

yup, i got that yes, this is right feeling from this book and it resonated with my mama heart beginning with the first few paragraphs.

in the brief bit of time i worked at a Reggio-inspired child care center, the power of play became more than just a catch phrase; i saw it lived out in the classrooms and could measure its impact through the documentation on the walls depicting learning through play.

as my children grow (5.5 and almost 3), i wanted to protect that world of play and childhood.  i wanted to live minimally and encourage the use of open-ended materials and recyclables.  but sometimes life gets busy and full and we collect things we might need later.  first in the basement and then in our hearts and minds.  the once pure vision of a beautifully colorful, child-driven learning approach is set off balance with the practical limitations of being human and being a parent. and tiredness.

i know that i can't do it all and that tiny steps are the first steps.  i will take from this book what i think is best for my family, and only my family (what your family needs will be different than the needs of my family) and start slowly, with my partner in uniform step and prayer on my lips.  

so this series will be dedicated mostly to me and my family as a way of keeping on track and remembering the reason why we do the things we do.

read this book when you get a chance.  but you don't have to take my word for it.  ha!