hey, how's homeschooling going?

 it's been cool to integrate real like situations and events to the books we are learning from!

it's been cool to integrate real like situations and events to the books we are learning from!

so, ah, how is that homeschooling thing going for ya?

well, it's good but a bit exhausting.  i didn't take into account how much extra reading i'd need to do in preparation for actually teaching it to sophia.  and sometimes that can be done during the day, but sometimes it spills into the evening when i'd rather just sit and watch project runway or sew.

what have you like about it so far?

you know, our days just feel better.  there is calmness and welcomed quietness.  even though i don't feel like sophia and i are having these earth-shattering conversations or deep connections, we're together and i get to hold her hand when we need to run an errand at the store at 11 a.m. (after school).  and we are just with each other.  in these pauses throughout our days, our relationship is being built.  but it's been cool to see sophia learn how to play on her own and give me a bit of space to do my own thing (which usually happens in the same room at least).  

but one of the best things has been seeing sophia genuinely excited to have audrey back at home after her morning at nursery school.  and audrey is just as excited too.  they play so well together now that it blows my mind.  of course there is normal sibling stuff of scratching and stealing toys away, but that's going to happen when you share space together and you're a kid!

there is concentrated play in sophie's life.

what has been difficult or what would you like to see changed?

well, we haven't quite hit our stride yet, so it's hard to say what i'd really like to see changed.  however, i think sophia and i both feel the lack of outside social connections.  even though we're introverted people, we do like the stimulation of others to talk to (or in her case, play with).  it's an adjustment for her to realize that when she wants to play with a friend around 11 a.m., none of the neighbor kids are home yet.  we have a homeschool group play group this week and it's the first one of the year.  i'm hopeful that will be a regular thing and that this mama will be able to connect with other homeschool moms so that i don't feel as isolated in the homeschool area of life.  when the afternoon/evening rolls around we are surrounded by great kids and their parents and i'm thankful for this immediate community to give us some of that social time.

and at the same time, like i said, we are contend in many ways to live with the calmness and the stillness of just us two (three if you count tozer) in the house in the mornings.


all in all, it's going well and we're sticking with it.  we are going to try the 5 week on, 1 week off approach and see how that works for us.  these next few months will be really different with traveling, so it will add some challenges to our routine.