Two hearts in one body...

It was pretty amazing today when we heard our child's heartbeat for the first time. What was perhaps a moment, seemed to draw out forever, as I could feel my eyes widen larger than they've ever been, and I looked at Lisa as we heard the quick little heartbeat coming from the womb.

I wish I had the audio recording, I wish she would have just left the microphone attached for a few hours, but I can still hear that little 160 beats a minute if I am quiet enough. It was amazing to imagine, inside Lisa beats the heart of a person I've come to love very dearly for the past 4+ years, and inside Lisa beats the heart of a person I will love deeply for the rest of his/her life. What new mystery is this, what world have we entered into, what magic has fallen on our lives, and who are we to have created a miracle.

Next month we will have our first ultrasound, and I could not be more excited. Some people can wait the full 9 months to find out the gender, but I am not one of them. I find myself continually wondering, boy or girl? Son or daughter? Pink or blue hat? Will I protect her and love her as my eternal princess, showing her every day that she is worth dying for? Will I adventure with him into his fort, swords handy to wait for the invisible enemy to pounce, and with every breath I breath into his life, tell him "you have what it takes, and your heart is very very good"?

I have always enjoyed celebrating birthdays, but yours will be my favorite. I will welcome you into this world. I will tell you your name. I will in wait in expectancy to hear you speak mine. I will throw you in the air until you giggle. I will teach you to ride a bike. I will be there to tell you that middle school kids do not in fact have the world figured out. I will drive you to college, and I will look in your eyes, and tell you that no matter what happens today or tomorrow, no one in this world is more proud of you than I am. This is my child, in whom I am will always be well pleased.