Ultrasound or no ultrasound...that was answered today

So, bummer. We had another routine prenatal appointment this afternoon, but we thought it would be anything but routine. We thought we'd get to see our baby and find out if it's a girl or a boy. Wrong! First of all, we had the meanest nurse take my vitals. She tried to make small talk and here is one of the statements she made: "So, this is your first baby?" "It's going to be...interesting." Interesting?! Who says that to first time parents?! What about, "oh, how exciting for you both!" And don't start saying to me, "what, you don't know about [fill in blank here]? I can't believe you don't know that." Hello? We're first time parents!!

Okay, so meeting with our midwife, Lisa Cone, made the appointment much much better. She is so sweet and is very knowledgeable. She makes me feel at ease and she's personable.

Well, the reason I'm venting is because we didn't know that we had to make a separate appointment to get an ultrasound--we thought they had those machines on site. Nope, we have to make another appointment. So, next Monday evening we hope to have the ultrasound.

In the mean time, this baby is still growing and we are still in love with IT (can't wait to say "her" or "him" instead of the ambiguous "shim").