Our little princess! We had the privilege of finding out last Monday that we are expecting a little GIRL come March. The ultrasound was so fascinating--we spent about 2 hours watching her on the screen as the technician made all of the measurements. We took a cassette tape to record the ultrasound too. Now we can re watch her grab her toes, move her arms, suck her thumb, and open her mouth!

We had asked the technician not to tell us the gender, but rather to seal it on a card that we took with us after the appointment. Our next stop was to baby Gap. We picked out a cute baby boy outfit and a cute little girl outfit. We told the sales associate that she was the first to see what we are having and then to wrap up the outfit that matched. It was so exciting--and we still didn't know. After that, we went on a date to Olive Garden and opened the gift to ourselves. Ben video taped me open the bag and pull out the pink baby girl's outfit! I was shocked and so very happy! I didn't think it was possible for Colliers to have girls until at least the fifth time around!

What a magical moment to start thinking about this wonder and to envision this little girl crawling up on her daddy's lap asking him to read her another story. Ben had a gift for me/us that I opened next. He gave us ("us being the family) three great books: The Velveteen Rabbit (one of my favorites and for which this blog borrows from), The Little Prince (which we are reading to our baby now), and The Giving Tree. We read The Giving Tree at the restaurant, and I started crying. It is a beautiful story--one of which I can see myself in my relationship to Christ and one in which I am the mother, giving to my children. The whole evening was so beautiful. I am greatly anticipating the day when I will hold my daughter and tell her she is loved and that she is worth dying for. That her father is the most amazing man I have ever met and whom I love so deeply. She will know how beautiful and priceless she is and I pray she will never doubt that. She is someone worth fighting for and one day she will meet that man who will cause her to be even more radiant than the day that I first met her (which is a little too overwhelming right now, because I don't think I'll want to share her with anyone).

Pictures and video are to come. Thank you for sharing this journey with us. We eagerly await meeting our little princess and showing her off to you all.