Oh little Sophia Genevieve Grace. I love to feel her moving inside of me and seeing her kick and squirm around. Ben has yet to feel her move, and I know that he can't wait (she seems to be most active right when I get to work, right when I get home, and when I'm trying to sleep--times that Ben is usually not around)!

I have caught myself day dreaming about this little princess: how I'll kiss those round cheeks and coo with her. How she'll grab her toes and watch me smile at her. I can't wait to hold her!

We recently registered for baby items via the internet at Target and Babies R Us--phew, this baby is going to need a lot of stuff (well, at least I think she'll need a lot of stuff, but she probably won't really need the 'stuff'). I can't help myself from buying tiny little girl dresses at old navy when I go in from time to time. Pink! Pink! Pink!

The other day I got my invitation for Sophia's baby shower! Her auntie Juli and Stephanie are throwing the shower on December 27th back in Wisconsin. I am so unbelievably excited to go back to see our families, to celebrate Christmas, and to enjoy a baby shower! Ecstatic!

I think this weekend we'll put the crib together and clean up the nursery. The walls are all painted and we both love the green color (valley mist is the name--scroll down on the website)! Perhaps I can get some decorative pieces to put on the walls this weekend: IKEA here I come!