A Slightly Different World...

The last few days I've been pondering the various things our daughter will experience very young, and the things she will never experience. A few random thoughts:

Our daughter will probably never know a world in which you go to the store and buy a physical product to listen to music. She won't experience records, 8-tracks, cassette tapes, or CD's. She will go to iTunes, or whatever online music store is in the future and download music to her music device of the future.

Our daughter will grow up the first eight years of her life with a black president, and will be taught from birth that we are all equal regardless of skin color.

She will grow up with access to the internet from the day she is born. Not only will she have access, but she will never know a time when we used to access the internet through the phone lines (56K modem below).

Come to think of it, she may have no concept of a land-line phone, and will be familiar with cell phones from birth.

Every picture she takes she will have instant access to see, and will have no concept of 35mm film, and waiting a week for a role of film to be developed.

As of yesterday when we received our free digital TV converter box thing, our daughter will never see analog TV the way it has been broadcast for the last 50+ years. By the way, digital TV is amazing, the picture quality is pretty sweet, and I love the channel menu. Unfortunately, for all its nice quality, there is still nothing on TV worth watching (except Lost and The Office of course).

Lastly, since I no longer use a CRT computer monitor (a non-flat screen monitor for the less techo-savvy) Sophia will never have this bulky, glaring device on her desk while she uses the internet of the future, and hopefully will have better eyesight than her father.

Feel free to comment on any major things I'm missing! Sophia will certainly be growing up in a different world.