I Love Two

your round belly just begs to be raspberried.

that soft sweet skin wants to be tickled.

your sweet-sour baby breath after sleep is intriguing and intoxicating.

tiny, thin lips planting a good long kiss on mine.

your staccato sounds, forming da-da, ma-ma, sis-y, toe-y, au-dee

sing-songy voice when lulled into a world of play

pretending to feed your baby dolls and then putting that pretend bottle into your mouth

"carry-me" often muffled by a pacifier

arms full:  doggy, minnie, blanket, extra pacifier.  trying to walk with it all

eyes unable to water-down the thick, deep laughs.  wiping tears of laughter

silly games with sis-y

vying for a spot on ma-ma's lap.  holding onto two loves at once

silky smooth hair my hands often graze.  rubbing that delicate spot where your neck begins

bobbing, displaced steps.  jumbled

not precise, picky eater

pudge on those hands and feet and arms and wrists and...

your brief sentences that sounds like miniature orders:  "no toe-y," "ma-ma song," "watch elmo!" "read book"

rare moments of stillness, cuddle time

waving hello to 98% of the people you see (and a few blown kisses)

bff olivia

sunglasses on toe-y.  sunglasses on you.  sunglasses pulled off of ma-ma

dancing means waving your arms, fists tight, twisting your upper body, and bouncing by bending oh so wondrously in elegance

bitty hands inside mine (never gets old)

want ma-ma

this is the good stuff baby.  i'm so glad you're near two.